The naturalization process

The naturalization process

Naturalization is a procedure in which a resident of the “states” becomes a full-fledged citizen. Almost all the immigrants are striving to go through naturalization, because for person it opens up great opportunities. Getting US citizenship is an additional responsibility for person, but advantages which it gives, such as social and civil rights, are variable. No big surprise. That so many people every year want to get it. Of course, for now there is a procedure, which must be followed fully from the beginning to an end.

  Let’s look through the most common reasons for obtaining citizenship:

  • Age: Paper can be submitted by people 18 years old and over.
  • Status requirements: according to the law person must live in the US for five or three years (if was registered marriage with a citizen of the “states”).
  • Place of residence: the applicant for citizenship must spend at least 2.5 years out of 5, or 1.5 years out of 3 years on the territory of the country.
  • The birthright: even if the parents are immigrants, the child, which was born in the country, automatically obtains citizenship.
  • Military service: the service makes it possible to give documents within a year.
  • Investments: if you invest $ 500,000 in the economy of the country, it automatically will make you the owner of the Green Card for 2 years, with a second deposit you would get a residence permit, and after 5 years you can apply for citizenship.

Let’s look in more detailed way on each action/ it will help to carry out reparation and conduct all procedure.

How is carried our naturalization? General actions are as follows:

1. Relatives in the US

Relatives in the US are important, because this can greatly facilitate the acquisition of citizenship. Many people start their procedure od getting citizenship with this point, and they are absolutely right, because their chances would raise highly.

Actions: for this you need to register on the relevant sites, and after this must be done application for the search of family ties. It is better to make an official request to the US Department of Migration. Further actions and their order depend on the receiving official certificate and given answer and vary in each situation.

2. Potential obstacles to obtaining citizenship

It is necessary to find out whether there are legal or other obstacles for start of the procedure for obtaining citizenship.

Actions: It is necessary to recheck the fulfillment of the requirements of the necessary conditions that contradict the requirements necessary for the correct filling of the application form N-400, as well as the availability of all necessary documents.

3. Filling of the form n-400

Fill in the application for the naturalization of the N-400 form by downloading it from the website of the US Migration Service or by mail after a relevant application.

Action: Download the form and study the instructions for filling out. Before this, it is necessary to prepare all the documents and at least 3 photos of passport size. Recheck all documents in accordance with the instructions and the list of the documents listed on the relevant websites, the correctness of filling out the documents. Very often there is refusal because of some small mistakes in the documents. So it makes sense to ask for help professionals in this sphere, who would check each document one by one.

4. Send the completed form N-400 to (USCIS).

The N-400 application form must be completed fully. After careful caring out of this task you should sent to the US Immigration and Civil Affairs Service.

Actions: after the application of the N-400 form will be received by the US Immigration Service (USCIS), the agency will send a notification for delivery of it to the account with the assignment of an account number where you can monitor the status of the application on the migration service website, or call the customer service department by the phones indicated on the site (numbers for clients with hearing impairments are allocated).

5. Handing over of biometric data for registration in power structures.

Action: You will get notification about the date of delivery of the biometrics USCIS will special dispatch with the appointment of the place and time of the procedures. These actions must be performed at the specified time, because new appointment may be not so soon.

6. Appointment of the interview.

Action: after conducting preliminary checks related to filling of the N-400 form and in the absence of comments on the submitted documents, you will receive a notification from the USCIS about the coordination of the interview date, after which the date of the interview will be agreed. You must come exactly at the appointed time without any delay.

7. Notification of the decision on Form N-400

The next stage of the procedure will be the notification of the decision on your application form N-400, performed in different ways:
Approved – this means that the next step will be the final interview and further actions in obtaining citizenship;
Refused – USCIS does not accept the application of Form N-400 because of the revealed violations in the documents, and you cannot continue the procedure of taking citizenship;
– Continue means that additional documents or explanations should be provided on the indicated remarks in the attached explanatory note to the document.
Actions: eliminate inconsistencies in the submitted documentation and agree on a date for a re-interview.

8. Notice of the oath of allegiance procedure.

Action: if the USCIS approves the N-400 application, you can organize a naturalization ceremony on the day of the interview. If for any reason this is not possible, you will be provided with an official notification stating the date of turnout for the naturalization ceremony, and the place and time will be additionally indicated.

9. Oath of allegiance to the United States.

Action: it is very important to become a US citizen. Usually, an oath is held on the day of the naturalization certificate. Action: Application form N-445 is essential in this case. The oath of allegiance will be given after questionnaire. Then a certificate of naturalization is issued, which must be carefully checked for correctness of filling in all the data. If violations or errors are detected, you should immediately notify these USCIS employees. After that you can leave the place of the ceremony.

10. Becoming aware of yourself as a US citizen

To feel like a citizen means to feel connection of all people who inhabit the United States as a whole. Feel yourself under the protection of the state.

citizenship by naturalization
Requirements for applicants

It is not easy to get the rights of a citizen, for this you need to meet a number of requirements:
Knowledge of language: You need to be able to write, speak and read American;
Orient in the history and sociology of the country: the applicant for citizenship must know the structure of “states”, understand the essence of the historical process much better than “natural” Americans.
Satisfy needs of public morality: Do not have criminal records, and not be involved in dealing with drugs and alcohol.

World outlook: need to be loyal to the constitutional structure of the United States.
New citizen of the country receives a certificate, but that’s not all. To get a paper passport for 10 years, you need to pay $ 135. This document is needed for travel to foreign countries and air travel (for stamps). Another 55 dollars goes on plastic passport, widely used in the country.

American citizenship certificate