Application form N-400

Following the way from the application before taking the oath of allegiance can be naturalized in the United States. All steps are performed sequentially. Only after passing the first stage, you can proceed to the next. The result of the journey will be US citizenship.

Candidates for citizenship submit to the US Migration Service (USCIS) application form N-400. In this document there are 21 pages. The application is accompanied by instructions for filling out. Now the application for citizenship is issued in a new way using the technology of 2D barcodes. This allows you to fill out an application online. For this, the form is printed out, filled out and signed. Then the completed application is sent to the US Migration Service.

We recommend that you check the correctness before filling out. This can make your friends or relatives.

To the application for naturalization are attached two photos of the passport format. A set of documents confirming the right to obtain citizenship is also, attached. The USCIS service can request additional information. Additional documents will have to be submitted.

The set of applications N-400 includes supporting documents, a receipt for payment for registration of the form and payment for the provision of biometric services. Those who are not ready to pass the tests in English file form N-648. Documents on medical certification in exceptional cases for disabled persons are submitted simultaneously with the form N-400.

When completing the application for citizenship, it is important to follow all instructions exactly. Form N-400 is better to fill on the computer. When filling in manually, there is more chance of making a mistake or a typo. Pen corrections are not allowed. You can fill out the required form through The application has step-by-step instructions and includes error checking and verification by a licensed immigration lawyer.

All questions must be answered honestly. Hiding or distorting information will not allow you to obtain citizenship. USCIS employees check every detail. If you do not have an answer to the question, write “N / A”. You can not leave blank fields. If the answer to the question is too long, use an additional sheet of paper. Everywhere please indicate your alien’s registration number and put your signature, as well as the part and number of the question. In the form, you must specify a date. The US date format is MM / DD / YYYY.

Check the payment amount, documents without confirmation of payment will be returned without consideration. It is possible to apply for cancellation of payment, specify, whether you have the right to it.
Before submitting the completed form, please double-check everything. An error will significantly slow down the procedure for obtaining your citizenship.

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