Interview and n-400 form

Interview and n-400 form

Naturalization interview and all about preparation for interview

Interview is an important step of naturalization process (obtaining civil rights in “states”). This process is quite responsible, but not so complicated as many think. No need to be scared, because with a responsible approach to the question, you will be able to cope with all the difficulties, because no one has a goal to make you fail the exam.

  To be allowed to take these exams (because interview is exactly an exam), you must live in the country for 5 years (or 3 years in marriage), and this time is enough to responsibly prepare yourself, to learn the language and history of the country. Anyone who has received an education in our country will easily cope with the interview.


  There is enough time for preparation of the test – more than 2 months. For this time, you can learn how to drive a fighter and tank, and not just remember the answers to 100 simple questions about the US social system. Our students for the night before the session manage to learn much bigger amount of material, but there is no need to postpone and skimp the training. It’s always better to prepare in advance.

  You will be given all the necessary data in paper form, plus a disk with answers to questions in the audio format. In the Internet there is enough information, and preparation will not be an insurmountable task. It is not necessary to know the language perfectly, knowledge at the level of the university course is enough. Most of the questions are not difficult, just remember the topics “my house”, “my family” – this is it.

What would you be asked at the interview on form n-400

  Form n-400 is just a common test of 10 questions. There will be several questions about the history and social structure of the country. Basically, these are dates and specifics, such as: how many states are there, or when was the independence declared.

  They will ask different questions, including “sensitive” questions about whether you are a member of terrorist organizations, or, perhaps, you are in the Communist Party. On all these questions must be given serious answers, because jokes are not understood here.

You would be asked; how many times have you been married. But, even if you have several significant victories behind your shoulders in your personal life, this will not be a critical moment for citizenship. Because the main thing is that all the conditions for divorce are carried out properly. Americans have very serious attitude to the divorces in particular and to the moral image of future citizens in general.
You would be asked to write a small dictation, literally from one or two sentences. This is generally a simple task, with which can cope anyone who has learned English.


  At an interview, you must answer correctly the most questions. After that, you will be announced the date of the solemn ceremony of taking the oath, at which you would be awarded with a certificate of naturalization.

What to do if you have doubts

  If you are in doubt, go to church or library. Yes, yes, exactly there. In “states”, in public centers, there are very often conducted free

classes for preparation for naturalization. There you will get help for preparation for the exam in the best possible way.

You can check for updates of immigration issues on the official website USCIS .
One more useful link is the official site, on which there is regularly uploaded the data about all the innovations in migration issues.

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