What are the benefits of the US citizenship? Irrelevant and specific facts

What are the benefits of the US citizenship? Irrelevant and specific facts

“Why should I become a full citizen?” is the question asked by the majority of the US immigrants. Indeed, it is quite a troublesome matter that requires financial investments, time and effort. Is this so necessary, considering that Green card holders get almost the same thing?

The following article describes undeniable advantages of the American citizenship.

Why the USA, why immigration?

America is a unique country. Its geographic and climatic characteristics are so diverse that having been to its different parts, you can hardly believe, you are travelling within the same country. Therefore, anyone willing to move here for permanent residence can find suitable and comfortable conditions.
Moving to a new country is a good way to get a fresh start right where you want. You have already got out of your comfort zone, there is nothing keeping you here. At the same time, you have not yet formed any attachments, have no property and clutter. You can live wherever you want, in the place of your dreams! Florida tropics and northern forests, prairies in the centre of the country, or even Edenic California with its endless beaches – the choice is yours!
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Why live in a hive, while there is so much sparsely populated land around, the climate is pleasant and mild, and it is possible to settle down in eco-friendly cities? Alternatively, if you are lured by a metropolis, you can always find a snug apartment close to the city center.

Immigration gives you unlimited freedom and a chance to fulfill your dream. Look wider, do not settle for less.

Many people are drawn by American democracy and freedom.

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For immigrants it is more about law and order than mere natural resources. The United States ensures human rights and high level of culture. But the headline is that people of different ethnicities coexist in harmony in the USA. The right environment is created by means of special settlements within cities. There you find shop signs in the local language, and every time you walk around such districts, you seem to get into a miniature country.

Such neighborhood is not disturbing. Instead, it is considered local exotica. America, in fact, is a country formed by outlanders arriving from other continents. It has become the leading destination for a great number of emigrants, each of whom can find here his/her home, in case of being a conscientious and law-abiding citizen.

The intention of immigrants to gain full civil rights stems from the fact that many of them want to merge into the country, to integrate entirely into society, and to enjoy life to the full. It is not simply economic or psychological issue, but a set of factors affecting the decision of hundreds of thousands of people; it is a world-view.

Advantages of US citizenship

The first thing to mention is citizenship by birth. There is not a single country in Europe that automatically provides citizenship to any person, who has been born in it. Moreover, second nationality is permissible, which is a good stepping stone for future. In addition, the child entitled to citizenship by birth, upon reaching 21 years old, will be able to summon all family members and to submit papers for family reunification.

Let’s now move on to more specific things.

US citizenship offers the following prospects:

  • Freedom to travel. American citizens are allowed to travel to 172 countries without a visa or getting a visa upon arrival. This is a cogent argument for businessmen and individuals considering themselves “citizens of the world”. To gain citizenship and thus get freedom to travel around the globe is a good reason for naturalization.
  • Service in the US army opens doors for a person. It simplifies social procedures and provides an opportunity to get a desired job or education.
  • Citizenship gives you the right to vote, to stand for election, to work in government agencies, and to serve on juries.
  • Social guarantees for children. Your child will be entitled to such health benefits as Medicare, Welfare, etc.
  • Unsecured loans. The more often you take out a loan, the lower the interest rate is.
  • US citizens are entitled to bring in the country their family members from overseas.
  • Certain tax benefits.
  • Scholarships and benefits for higher education.
  • Entitlement to benefits, some of which are available only to US citizens.
  • Finally, it is necessary to note the opportunity to show patriotism. Having become a full American,you show loyalty and commitment to the country, which is important for many people.


Ways to gain citizenship

Many people want to have US citizenship. Naturalization is one of the ways to obtain it. In fact, it is a legal procedure through which an individual becomes a full citizen of the country. Subject to certain american naturalizationconditions, the process itself is not particularly difficult.

The high level of scrutiny during the procedure is applied to offenders, to individuals holding a green card, but who lived or worked overseas for a long time. Individuals who had financial or tax issues are also regarded with suspicion. Closer attention is paid to adherents of dubious religions and social ideas, as well as individuals with histories of illegal attempts to gain citizenship, such as sham marriage.

Naturalization requirements:

Age: over 18 years old.
Available Green card, 5-year residency in the country, or 3 years of marriage to an American citizen.
High moral character, integrity, no criminal records.

Read more about naturalization requirements .

Upon successful completion of this procedure, you become a full member of the American society, and will be able to enjoy all the benefits offered by the country.

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